Good Ideas White Dresser with Mirror


Good use of the bedroom white dresser with mirror is as a desk or study area. In this case, a good idea may be to replace a traditional dresser with an old-style desk or desk. You can give a double functionality, either as a study or work area, or as our little corner of beauty. If you have a hand mirror or desktop.

Another great idea can be to resort to a console like those that are usually located in the hall or in the hallway. Go ahead and place a console as a white dresser with mirror in a minimalist key and accompany this furniture from a mirror. And if you have space problems, a great solution may be to replace the chair with a bench or stool that you can hide under the desk, console or dresser. In this way, you will gain space but without giving up the style.

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And now, what else is missing in our beauty white dresser with mirror? The complements! A vase with flowers, a nice well organized toiletry bag, maybe a picture frame and our favorite perfume. Put the finishing touch of style to your dresser by personalizing this space with the accessories you prefer. Make sure your desk is always well organized, since 50% of a good decoration is cleanliness and order.

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