Most Popular White 3 Drawer Dresser


White 3 drawer dresser – Shoe boxes will make surprisingly sturdy chest of drawers for a storage device best suited for light objects. This cardboard dresser can be used for holiday ornaments that require organized storage not stressed by daily use. The boot can also be used in a children’s playhouse for doll clothes. Since cutting cardboard requires only a sharp scissors, the desk requires no special woodworking equipment or skills. For larger drawer space, use boot boxes instead of bulkhead boxes.

How to build white 3 drawer dresser, stack three shoe boxes on top of each other. Measure the height of the stacked boxes. Measure the width of the boxes. Cut the large cardboard box apart, create four large flat plates of cardboard. Cut a cardboard to measure the height of the stacked shoe boxes plus 2 inches.  Then, tape the cut sheet of cardboard together to create the chest of drawers with paint tape. Attach long strips of tape on the inside and outside of the chest of drawers on all seams for reinforcement. Also, place the stacked boot boxes with lid on the inside of the chest of drawers and mark the top edges of the boxes on the inside of the frame with the pencil.

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Then to build white 3 drawer dresser, create drawer supports the inner edges of the frame with 1 inch wide portions of the bulkhead lid on the marked spots. Cut three cardboard strips measuring 4-inches by 2-inches to drawer pulls from the side of the boot case lid. Fasten draws to the front of the shoe box drawers with paint tape. Paint whole chest of drawers and shoe box drawer color options with poster paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly overnight. Put drawers in the chest of drawers.

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