Practical and Elegant White Wash Dresser


White wash dresser – When ordering and organizing clothes, the dressers are one of the most practical furniture. A white dresser, in addition, will be good with any type of decoration. That’s why it’s a piece that we cannot resist having at home. White does not go out of fashion in decoration, and although it seems simple at first glance, this color is the key to creating luminous, light and cheerful atmospheres. Besides, it is not only used as a base for interiors, but it can be very useful to create contrasts.

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The dresser, as we know it today, was born in the 16th century as the evolution of the chest. The big trunks began to be unhelpful to store things for their discomfort. When it came to finding something in the background. This piece was modified to be able to extract boxes from the front and thus evolved little by little until it becomes what we have today. A white wash dresser combines with everything and its drawers make it easy and fast to find the clothes we keep.

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We can place it in the bedroom, in the dressing room or even in the laundry room to store linen. In any store you can find a white wash dresser to your liking. You only have to choose size and design to fit perfectly with your decor.


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