To Determine the Value of a Bates Bedspreads

May 13th

Bates bedspreads – We’ll first begin with a quick history lesson on Bates. The Bates Manufacturing Company was started in Lewiston, Maine in 1850 by Benjamin Bates. The first bates bedspreads was not actually woven until 8 years later in 1858. It wouldn’t be until 1940 that the famous textile company would introduce its most renowned style: George Washington’s Choice (a distinct candlewick bedspread that is now called the “Martha Washington’s Choice.”

Bates Woven Bedspreads
Bates Woven Bedspreads
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When determining the value of bates bedspreads, recommended a couple different methods. First, contact a local antique dealer. The first method is to contact a local antique dealer (especially one that specializes in textiles). And then bring your bedspread to them to be appraised. Second, browse current auction prices. One great online resource to check current prices of antique bedspreads is to peruse online auction sites such as,, or

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Third, books on antiques and collectibles. It may be the old-fashioned way, but it works. You can either head to your local library, online bookseller or local book store to find books that specialize in American textiles. It is important to note is that when it comes to valuing antiques bates bedspreads, you may find a hard value. But this value can vary greatly depending on the condition of your personal item.

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