Understanding What is Fitted Bedspreads

May 4th

Fitted bedspreads – A fitted bedspread gives your bed a tailored look. Use this bedspread in any type of bedroom, no matter what style it is. Most people do not use this type of bedspread. Rather, many people use a pouf style of bedspread that sits simply on top of other bedding. A fitted bedspread has a bed skirt attached to the edges of the covered portion. When you place it on the bed, the skirt hangs off the mattress edges on the floor, creating a snug look.

Split Corner Bedspread
Split Corner Bedspread
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Although there are many styles available, most bedspreads like this have two sections, the top and the bed skirt. There is additional lining in the upper section, though not as much as a traditional duvet. There is no covering of the bed edge part of the fitted bedspreads. This portion will cover the sides of the bed from the bed edge to the floor. For a more feminine look, choose those that come together on top.

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If you want a more formal look, select those that have reversed folds at the corners. If you have a four-poster bed, the fitted bedspreads can still work well with this bed frame. Here, the skirt sides and the end sections either made separately. These to circumscribe the posters or may have the corners cut off to allow the bedspread to fit around the canopy bed properly.